Coding for Kids in the Northern VA Area!


Programming and LEGO Robotics!

Computer keyboard showing various apps to imply computer programming.

From programming to robotics!  We provide after school programs

AP Computer Science Tutoring

Summer camp & school holiday camp

Classes during the week, and on weekends

LEGO & LEGO Robotics Club

Parents night out (Friday) 

Classes: Unity3d, C#, Blender, Java, Roblox, Lua and more!

How It Works

Computers networked together to show the importance of learning the latest technologies, including computer programming.

Become a member and you can join classes or groups working in a particular area of interest (some classes require prerequisites).  Membership also includes parent's night out and reduced rates on summer camp and school holiday camp.

Looking to the Future

Hand holding a glowing globe implying learning the latest technologies, and learning to code, is the key to the future.

Our goal is not only to teach software technologies, but to form teams to build products.  Over time, as products become more marketable, the students become team members.

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