Coding for Kids in the Northern VA Area!

What We Do

Mission Statement


From video games to robotics!  

We provide after school programs - Homework Boot Camp

Summer camp & school holiday camp

Classes during the week, and on weekends

Open practice times

Birthday Parties

Parents night out (Friday Evenings) 

We provide training in Unity3d, C#, Blender, Java, Roblox, Lua and more!

Ask about the newly forming Lego Robotics Group for our younger members!

How It Works


Hands on classroom training will turn each member into a programmer.  Take your STEM training to a new level and have fun doing it!

Looking to the Future


We will introduce you to industry standard game engines, 3D environments, animation, terrain generation, multiplayer networking, artificial intelligence and more.

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Game controller representing SimTek as not only a place to create games, but play them too.



Before and After Care

Summer Camp and School Holiday Camp

Parents Night Out

Programming and LEGO Competitions

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