Coding for Kids in the Northern VA Area!

Afterschool Programs & Tutoring

Student holding an open text book in front of a blackboard.

Hours of Operation: 2:15 pm - 6:30pm

Doors open at 2:00 pm for our afterschool programs.  Pickup from local schools is available.  Optional extended care after 6:30 pm.  We provide individual tutoring on request at an additional charge.


  Afterschool Classes (everyday) with Homework Assistance (< 2 hours) - $60/week


Afterschool Classes (everyday) with Homework Assistance (> 2 hours) - $80/week

 Afterschool Everyday Care with Pickup* - $120/week 

Homework Boot Camp

Our Homework Boot Camp option is an educational service designed for students to get the most out of school.  Our staff will monitor and assist your child for an hour each day to ensure assignments are completed and understood.   This will include having the student log into Blackboard or Google Classroom in our presence, determine what assignments are due, and assist with content and time management required to complete the assignment.  

Additional $20/week for Homework Boot Camp when combined with Afterschool Classes.