Ages 8 - 11 (Roblox, LEGO Robotics, Unity3d)


Introduction to Roblox Programming

7 upcoming sessions

Evening and Weekend

Wednesday 4:45pm - 5:56pm

Friday 5:45pm - 6:45pm

Saturday 9:00am - 10:00am

Price: $120 for 10 weeks - 1 hour/week or Summer Sessions  2 Weeks - 1 hour/day

Summer Sessions

Jun 17 - Jun 28

Jul 1 - Jul 12

Jul 15 - Jul 26

Jul 29 - Aug 9

Aug 12 - Aug 23 

Recommended ages 8 and Up.  One-hour classes. Learn the concepts and coding techniques to create your own interactive games on Roblox with Lua scripting language. The basic concepts of computer programming will be introduced such as data types, Boolean algebra, conditionals, and control structures, as well as modular programming.  Game engine basics such as how to move, scale and rotate your Roblox parts will be covered. Additionally, make game objects spawn, program your Humanoid Roblox Player, create your own models and import them into your projects, as well as code the Leaderboard for multi-player games.

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Unity3d Basics

One upcoming session

Tuesday 6pm - 7pm

Recommended ages 8 - 11.  One-hour classes.  Learn the basics of the Unity3d game engine.  Lessons are "step-by-step" where you follow along on a computer.  Very little programming is required.

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Intro to 3D Modeling (8-11)

Recommended ages 8-11. One-hour classes using a popular 3D modeling software package called Blender. Create models that can be imported into game engines or 3D printers such as houses, furniture, treasure chests, fences, and bridges.

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LEGO Robotics

Recommended ages 8-11.  This is an informal class where kids can build and experiment with different LEGO robotics kits.  First LEGO League will be available in the near future, but team membership isn't required.  Internal SimTek competitions will also be available in the future.

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Keyboarding for Coders

Recommended ages 8-11. Work on the proper way to use a keyboard. Typing is a valuable skill that is surprisingly under appreciated, even in today's computer age. If you want to code without frustration, this class is a great place to start.

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