Learn to Code!


Game Programming

Topics include programming fundamentals such as data types, Boolean algebra and conditionals, as well as game object scripting for rigid bodies, colliders, basic vector functions, scaling, rotation, translation, timers, spawning, and capturing game input from keyboard and mouse.

3D Game Programming

Game mechanics such as building your own 3D world can moving game objects through built in transforms to control rotation, translation and scale. Introduce players and enemies into your scene with basic AI pathfinding scripts. Add health and damage, pickups, animation, and a user interface. 

Java Fundamentals

If you are interested in software development, Java is one of the most in-demand programming languages that run on over 3 billion devices. We will teach you core programming concepts while you write our own applications. In addition, you will gain the foundational skills a software engineering.  Not only will you write your own programs, you'll use git version control, maven build tools, provide unit testing, work with debuggers, and more.

General Classes


Computer Literacy

Basics and beyond for people with limited knowledge of computers.  Use google docs to create papers, spreadsheets and presentations and export your work to Microsoft products.  Various topics of interest will be covered.  This is also a great place to work on your typing/keyboarding skills!