Roblox Programming

Learn the concepts and coding techniques to create your own interactive games on Roblox with Lua scripting language. The basic concepts of computer programming will be introduced such as data types, Boolean algebra, conditionals, and control structures, as well as modular programming.  Game engine basics such as how to move, scale and rotate your Roblox parts will be covered. Additionally, make game objects spawn, program your Humanoid Roblox Player, create your own models and import them into your projects, as well as code the Leaderboard for multi-player games.

For kids 8-up, this course is also listed as Game Programming I.  It's a great introduction to programming and is our starting point.  Students can take a placement test to skip this class.  

01 - Installation of Roblox Studio

Describes how to install Roblox Studio to start coding!

02 - Create Your First Script

Create a part and add a script to it!

03 - Create a Simple Function in Roblox Studio

Create a part, add a script, and create a function.  We call the function at the end of the script, but in the next video, we attach it to a game event.

04 - Handle a Touched Event in Roblox

This video shows you how to connect a part's "touched" event to a function.  In the video, we cause the part to change three different colors when it is touched.

05 - Roblox Simple Powerup Function

Create a powerup for you game in Roblox.  Demonstrates the use of a touched event connected to a function, which uses a filter (if statement) to check for humanoids touching the powerup.

06 - Roblox Simple Lava Pool with Damage

06 - This video we create a simple pool of lava using a cylinder and add a damage script.

07 - Roblox - Build A Shack

This Roblox video shows you how to make a simple shack which will be used in subsequent videos.  Some techniques for modeling include cutting out pieces of one object with another object using the Negate and Union tools, change material appearance, color, size, position and orientation.

08 - Roblox - Create a Model and Publish to Roblox

Publish your game to Roblox so you can play with your friends.  After you publish, you can create models and push them to Roblox so you can use them in other games.  In this video, we combined some materials together to create a model and save it to Roblox.

09- Introduction to the Terrain Editor

Use the Roblox Studio Terrain Editor to modify your environment.  In this video we painted the terrain, added some water, and created a few small hills in preparation for the doomsday rebuild game.

10 - Create a Surface GUI

In this video we create a sign using basic parts with a SurfaceGui to tell the player how to complete their next quest.