Peter Baker (Owner)



George Washington University

Master's Degree, Computer Science


University of Maryland College Park

Bachelor's degree, Mathematics



Software Engineer

BigBear, Inc

Jan 2018 - Jan 2019

Reston VA

Develop custom software solutions using Apache NiFi dataflow programming, Java/Spring, Elasticsearch with Kibana, and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Software Engineer

Synaptic Solutions, Inc

Dec 2014 - Jan 2018

Software engineer responsible for development and maintenance within a middle tier architecture  using Java 8 on a linux platform.  Technologies employed include Spring Framework, JPA, EJB, XML,  Oracle Database, Oracle Weblogic and SOAP.  Use of Git for version control.  Use of Atlasssian stack, Jira, Bitbucket, Bamboo, and Confluence. 


Software Engineer

Scitor Corperation

Jun 2006 - Dec 2014

Reston VA

Client facing, lead software engineer responsible for the design, development, and implementation of mobile applications for Android devices to facilitate metadata collection during spectral remote sensing field campaigns.  Additional products include thick client database prototypes for spectral science applications using Java and C# programming languages with Oracle XE and PostgreSQL database management systems.  Develop custom web-based database applications using Apache’s Tomcat, J2EE and PostgreSQL.  Develop image processing packages utilizing Java2D and Java3D graphics.  Design and implement local area networks to remotely operate spectral-radiometric and related field devices during signature collection campaigns.  Create custom embedded software applications for automated data acquisition from sensor devices connected to Arduino boards using C programming language.

Spectral Scientist/Software Engineer


Oct 2004 - Jun 2006

Arlington, VA

Spectral Signatures Ground Truth Support and Library Development
Developed prototype metadata collection software packages for Palm OS devices using C++ programming language to assist field teams in recording accurate and consistent spectral metadata descriptions that can be easily imported into existing spectral databases.  Developed protocols for acquisition of metadata relating to terrain feature attribution of deciduous and coniferous tree canopies.  Assisted in spectral phenomenology studies to determine possible data fusion techniques for remote identification of vegetation by using plant growth cycles, terrestrial ecology and biometrics information in conjunction with spectral reflectance data.

Software Engineer

Northrop Grumman IT

Feb 1999 - Oct 2004

Fairfax, VA

Developed custom software applications using C programming language for Palm OS devices via Metrowerks Code Warrior 9.0 IDE.  Applications include database management, GUI development, Exchange Manager for IrDA (Infrared Data Association), and implementation of cryptography algorithms, specifically, IDEA, RSA, and SHA1.  Additionally, developed C++ applications using Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 on Windows XP workstations. Developed web-based database applications using Apache’s Tomcat, J2EE and Microsoft’s SQL Server 2000.  Prototyped scientific databases for spectral phenomenology applications using Microsoft’s Access 2000 with Java programming language via JDBC-ODBC connectivity.  Developed image processing packages utilizing Java2D graphics.  Custom designed information retrieval systems relating spectral metadata free text documents with associated signatures using inverted file structures, document and word clustering, vector weighting, stemming and electronic thesaurus generation.  Custom designed quality control software tools for spectral signatures library development.  Taught introductory spectral signature training as a part of the SITAC Hyperspectral Processing course.

Software Engineer

ITT Systems & Sciences Corporation

May 1996 - Feb 1999

Alexandria, VA

Developed and maintained custom software for Naval Research Laboratory’s ICEbox project.  Developed Graphical User Interfaces on Sun SPARC stations, using C language and SAMMI run-time X-windowing environment using a UNIX operating system.  Maintained and enhanced embedded software used to control custom equipment functions utilizing C and pSOS on the Motorola 680X0 series processors for interface between Sun Workstations and Commercial Communications Equipment via RS232/485 serial connection.   

Wideband Communications Equipment Specialist

United States Air Force

May 1989 - May 1993

Davidsonville, MD

Maintained and repaired wideband line-of-site communications.  Maintenance included: Microwave  Transceivers, Frequency and Time Division Multiplexers for three levels of multiplexing: Voice  Channel, Group, and Super Group, as well as providing component level maintenance on High Frequency Ground Radio transmitters